An American-owned Green Industry Business

A lot of buzz and lip service is paid these days to “Made in America.” It’s certainly a noble and highly worthwhile endeavor and one we embrace and support wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, it often doesn't rise above a catchphrase or feel good sentiment. Worse still, are businesses with offices and facilities in the United States that offshore a large portion of their staff and services. This practice takes jobs away from qualified American workers doing nothing to lower the unemployment rate.

On a somewhat more positive note, in the green industry -- which includes both residential and commercial landscaping companies -- the nature of the services provided requires having employees resident in the United States. It would be quite a feat to outsource grass cutting and snow clearing to China or Mexico. But there’s a trend in the green industry where, though, the services are provided domestically, the ownership and management of the commercial landscaping company is based offshore.

Commercial landscaping businesses have become attractive acquisition targets of late for foreign-based companies and investors, which has become the case not only nationwide, but also in the DC, MD and VA commercial landscaping market. This can sometimes cause uncertainty for both US-based staff and existing and prospective clients. Often the company names will be retained and the websites and marketing materials will typically conceal the fact of the change in ownership to a foreign entity.

And though staff including account managers and operational folks might be retained, the shots are being called by executives residing thousands of miles offshore. This has the potential to create undue stress and tension among staff when there’s a possibility of operational and strategic differences between US-based management and foreign ownership.

Undue stress can also arise from a lack of regular face-to-face contact with upper management resulting in a sense of job insecurity. Such tension can then potentially be picked up by clients. This is never a healthy condition for any contractor-client relationship. After all, commercial landscaping clients make contract awards based upon trust, quality, and perhaps most all: having a worry-free arrangement.

When it comes to commercial landscaping services clients like the certainty that comes with consistency. It’s the type of service that they don’t want to have to worry about and they value the peace of mind that comes with trusting that the job will be done on time and at a high-level of quality. Surprise isn’t a selling point of commercial landscaping!

In this vein, we want to reassure our existing clients as well as those interested in our services, that we are an American-owned green industry business and have every intention of staying one. That’s why we’ve created a new badge to promote our status as American-owned and it’s why we now proudly “fly” that badge on our website!

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