Hiring a Commercial Plantscaping Company vs. DIY

commercial plantscaping company for office plant servicesYou may assume a job that appears your building maintenance crew or an assistant could handle isn’t worth bringing in a commercial plantscaping company to handle. But there is a lot more to interior and exterior plantscaping than first meets the eye. Truth be told, it’s a discipline that requires far more training, knowledge and skill than a do-it-yourselfer is able to provide.

Plantscaping essentials

Plantscaping is a unique marriage of interior design, landscape architecture, horticulture, and facilities management. It is both a science and art with the goal of contributing to the functionality and aesthetics of a space to create a more livable and inviting environment. And when this space is your business, the marriage makes a huge contribution to your brand image, including the health and satisfaction of your clients and employees.

Typically, your plantscaper is a specialist who designs both interior and exterior plantings, installs them and then makes arrangements for their care. This work involves analyzing a site to make sure that the right plant goes in the right place.

Plantscape designers must be well versed in two dimensional design principles -- typical of art school foundational studies. They choose from an array of plant material and containers to design installations with varying form, balance, scale, color, and texture. Armed with expert horticultural knowledge, these designers make plant selections that take into account soil, moisture, and light conditions along with ease of installation and care.

Plantscaping transforms commercial facilities

They also arrange plants to organize, unify or direct traffic flow within buildings, offices, and homes, not unlike architects or interior designers. For example, plantings can enhance grand entryways, soften harsh corners or define gathering spaces. A successful plant installation can make an area more desirable and define it as a "people-oriented" space.

Interior plantscaping designers are experts in selecting and sourcing horticultural material that will thrive in sometimes unnatural indoor locations. Although the plants are usually tropical, specimens are often chosen for their ability to withstand the low light and low humidity conditions found in today’s commercial buildings.

Plantscaping doesn't end with installation

This is where a team of plantscaping technicians come in. They are knowledgeable in how plants grow, react to their environment and are affected by adversities. Plantscaping techs are your contractor's frontline and carry out a program of weekly watering, pruning, dusting, fertilizing, and treatment tasks.

A weekly schedule of visits by a plantscaping technician takes the worry out of plant care duties for a client. Regardless of weather, special events or building maintenance activities, the technician makes sure that plant installations remain fresh and healthy year round. Often, this also includes a rotation schedule of replacements for more delicate or colorful flowering plants otherwise known as a “bloom rotation. “

Don't forget exterior plantscaping

When it comes to exterior plantscaping, all of the same design and horticultural concerns apply. But outdoors, the preparation of a planting bed or the specific containers that support the plants can determine the success or failure of a design. Plantscaping professionals have access to industrial grade containers specifically made for commercial applications. Often this means a selection in a variety of shapes and sizes and lighter weight colorfast materials far surpassing those available to the typical home gardener.

Whether you’re looking for interior plantscaping services or plantscaping for the exterior of your facility – sometimes referred to as “Exterior Enhancement” – or both, our highly-trained and experienced teams can design, install, and maintain a project you’re certain to love – without the uncertainty and stress of DIY! Please use the convenient quote form on any of our services page request a free, no-obligation quote today.

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