Landscape Maintenance Contracts: What’s included?

exterior landscaping maintenance contracts dc, md, vaCommercial property and facilities managers are confronted with many responsibilities and challenges in the day-to-day operations of the properties under their care. Often, they are pulled in opposing directions with mandates to both keep the facility looking its best while keeping costs to an absolute minimum. Watching the bottom line is certainly important when running a business, but sacrificing quality for low-cost is never a good business decision, especially when it comes to exterior landscape maintenance services. There’s too much at stake and any initial cost savings will often be eclipsed by the unforeseen costs of finding a new commercial landscaping company to clean up the mess and undo the mistakes committed by the “budget” outfit.

When it comes to commercial exterior landscape maintenance services there’s a lot more involved than simply mulching and cutting grass. Granted, mulching and mowing are essential services included with any exterior maintenance contract, but when you consider the goals of a well-maintained property, there’s much more involved than weekly mows during peak grass growing season.

Making that first impression

The primary purpose of an attractive exterior is to create a great first impression for visitors to your facility and to instill confidence and pride in tenants, employees, and other regular occupants of your property. If this wasn’t such an important concern, then unkempt grass, overgrown shrubbery, and dead plantings would be of little concern and hardly worth the expense. However, we all know that’s far from the case. Maintaining exterior landscaping requires regular attention and that attention must be strategic and expertly-performed.

Recipe for greener grass

Well-manicured grass will only look as good as the strength of its foundation and overall condition. Under-nourished grass thick with weeds and thatch won’t look any better after it’s mowed. It will just be a shorter version of its unattractive and longer self. This is why scheduled applications of fertilizer and treatments to eliminate insect damage are critical components of any landscape maintenance contract. But things don’t end there where it comes to keeping grass healthy and looking its best. Aeration and overseeding – preferably twice annually – are critical services.

Commercial mowing services

And yes, the importance of mowing shouldn't be overlooked. Quality mowing begins with using the proper commercial mowing equipment and keeping it well-maintained. Blades must be regularly sharpened or replaced. Otherwise, the tips of the grass blades will be shredded and take on a white appearance giving the entire lawn a dull and ragged appearance.

Mowing patterns must be established and followed to produce a pleasing consistency to grassy areas. Further consistency is achieved by filling in uneven areas and ruts with fill dirt and reseeding. This is also important for safety reasons. The last thing a property owner wants to face is a lawsuit due to a tenant or visitor becoming injured due to a poorly-maintained lawn.

Grassy areas must receive that finishing touch that only proper edging and trimming can provide. It’s the details that make the biggest difference! The adjoining areas to grass such as walkways, drives, and planted areas must also be properly finished. Grass must be blown from concrete and asphalt surfaces and mulch applied to garden and tree beds with a distinct, edged boundary.

Finishing touches make a big difference

It’s important to keep in mind that there’s more to an attractive exterior landscape than a lush, well-manicured lawn. Accents in the way of trees, shrubbery, and seasonal plantings complete the picture. But like grass, these green items also come with their own maintenance needs.

Hedges and shrubbery and even trees require trimming and pruning. Dead growth must be removed and replaced as needed or as scheduled on a seasonal basis. All of these services should be included in a solid exterior landscape maintenance services plan.

How to choose a commercial landscaping company in DC, MD and VA

Choosing a commercial landscaping company to manage your exterior needs is a decision not to be taken lightly. The first priority is to choose a company with a solid track record of delivering high-quality service to commercial properties of all types and sizes in the DC, MD and VA area.

Please look over our Top Ten Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Landscape Maintenance Contractor guide for critical items to consider when making your decision. And when you’re ready, please use the convenient quote form on our Exterior Landscape Maintenance page to request a free, no-obligation quote.

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