Launch of Commercial Rodent Control in DC, MD and VA

commercial rodent control services dc, md, vaInside Out Services, LLC has been quietly rolling out a new service offering in the commercial rodent control space. This has actually been in the works for several months now and we’ve taken on some pretty large projects within the Washington, DC metro area. Unlike out Exterior Enhancements and Exterior Maintenance divisions, you won’t typically see our Commercial Rodent Control crews going about their work unless you’re out pretty late. We go the extra distance to work after dark to minimize the impact on our clients and their customers.

The one thing that really isn’t much of a secret is that DC has a serious rodent problem.

And not to sugarcoat things, but it’s specifically a rat problem. DC, being for the most part, an urban area, it just follows that rodents are going to be a problem no matter how diligent business owners are about hygiene and property maintenance. And with the city undergoing a constant state of development it’s only logical that rats are going to be seeking new nesting places as their current habitats are disrupted.

Rats have only three basic needs: a steady supply of food, a safe and warm place to nest, and a place to do their business, again, sorry for the blast of harsh reality, but one of the first signs of a rodent infestation is discovering their droppings.

Another certain sign of rodent infestation is disturbed soil or mulch around planters and garden beds. The photos below depict clear signs of rodent activity adjacent to free-standing planters. In this case, these planters with nesting rats were on the perimeter of an outside dining area of a Washington, DC hotel. The last place where you would want your patrons to encounter rats or evidence of their presence!

rodent control dc, md, va

As a business owner, you can choose to take your chances and ignore the problem. Unfortunately, others may not be as willing to overlook the problem such as your tenants, customers, or the DC Office of Health. The fact is, that for each rodent you actually see, there are most likely hundreds more lurking around on the perimeter of your property and most likely also inside your facility.

There’s a very good chance that if your property is adjacent to an alleyway – as most buildings within the city are – then rodents are close at hand. Don’t forget that trash receptacles such as dumpsters and trash cans are typically located in alleys, making them attractive sources for food and shelter for rodent pests. And trash containers don’t hold the only attraction for rodents.

If your facility has exterior landscaping in the form of planters and concrete garden beds, then there’s a very good chance that rodents have made themselves right at home in the bottoms of them. It may seem difficult to believe that a rodent can live under the soil, but it’s very easy for them to burrow under concrete beds and containers as many don’t have a physical bottom.  

Instead, they are constructed right on top of bare earth. Once inside, they hollow out just enough space to build a nest from where they can breed and scurry over to nearby trash containers whenever they get hunger pangs, which is almost all the time. Not a bad arrangement especially when you consider the prime location in the center of DC with the availability to tons of dining establishments! Free-standing commercial planters are equally inviting to rodents as shown in the photos above.

Unfortunately, most commercial pest control companies in DC only perform extermination services. These services typically consist of trapping or poisoning rodents within your building and don’t deal with the source of the problem in the exterior of your building. That’s where Inside Out’s Commercial Rodent Control Services comes in. We deal with pest problems at the source. And our solution is permanent unlike the monthly contract you’re roped into with the “pest control” guys. There’s a reason they need to come back once a month and it’s because they don’t solve the problem at the source!

We’ve already built an impressive track record of success in delivering permanent rodent control solutions in DC for some pretty large commercial clients. We’re now ready to offer these services to even more businesses struggling with rodent infestation problems and it’s time to take the wraps off and get the word out on a larger scale about our unique commercial rodent control solution!

If you’re experiencing a rodent problem in your commercial facility, please submit a quote request using the form on our Commercial Rodent Control DC Services page for a free, no-obligation consultation!

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